Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kroger The Truly Awesome Cookie!!!

I was recently selected by Buzz Agent for a sample and coupon share for Kroger's new Truly Awesome Chocolate Chips. We were comparing them to Chips Ahoy when we first got them. They are kinda similar however the Kroger brand was way better in test and texture. I have never cared for how "crunchy" chips ahoy are. However the Kroger brand had some crunch but not so much that you didn't enjoy the cookie.

Absolutely look forward to buying more of these in the future for both kids school lunches and for snacking around the house!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

A Smurf Party!!!

Remember that cool movie from this summer!! I was chosen through Crowdtap to host a Smurf party! The kids had a blast!! When all the others came over we had the old school version of Smurfs playing on the tv followed by the actual movie!! Most the kids hadn't seen the movie so it was fun seeing them watch it as well.

We also had a BLUE dinner as well. We cooked up some blue pancakes!! Don't they look SMRUFTASTIC!!!!

This is my little man showing off his blue pancake, blue plates, and blue silverware!!!!

Afterwards the kids played more but then we had dessert blue sugar cookies and pretty frosting!!!

We even let the 2 year olds decorate their own cookie!!!

If you aren't part of Crowdtap you should be!!! Not only can you earn free Amazon money but they help you think outside the box with AWESOME opportunities!!! Go here to check it out!!!!!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Target Run 12/8

Total OOP $70.36 Saved $1754!!!! Still have a $5 giftcard for next time!!
Trans one
6 Pairs of women undies $7.50 (was $5 each)
2 Spiderman shoes $24
1 Polly pocket rolly skate set $9.98 (was $19.99)
1 cars notebook $1
1 baby alive $9.98 (was $19.99)
Total $52.46
-$2.50 25% off polly pocket target coupon
-$25 gift card from Mypoints
Tax $3.34
Total $54.30
Got back $10 gift card with coupon and $5 Gift card for baby alive!!!
Saved $78.96!!!
Trans 2
1 four pack ring pop $1
1 framed art $19.99
1 Dora toy $11.99
1 Polly pocket roller skate set $9.98
1 baby alive $9.98
Total $52.94
-$3 for 25% dora target IP
-$2.50 25% off of polly pocket target IP
-$15 in target gift cards
tax $2.92
Total $50.36
Got back $10 gift card with coupon and $5 Gift card for baby alive!!!
Saved $41.45
Tran 3
1 Baby Alive $9.88
Tax $.45
-$10.33 Gift card
Got back $5 gift card
Saved $20.44
Got back $5 Gift card for baby alive!!!
Trans 4
1 Baby Alive $9.88
Tax $.45
-$9.67 Gift card
$.34 due
Got back $5 Gift card for baby alive!!!
Saved $19.78
Trans 5
1 Baby Alive $9.98
Tax $.46
-$5 Gift card
$5.44 due
Got back $5 Gift card for baby alive!!!
Saved $15.01

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free Photo Book from Vistaprint!!!

Be sure to pop over to Vistaprint today to grab your FREE photo books!! Just pay shipping and hanlding!!! This make awesome gifts or a great way to remember vacations or special occasions!!! Be sure tocheck it out here!!!

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10 Free Personalized Gifts From Vista Print!

Have you seen these awesome FREE deals on Vistaprint!!!

You can get a FREE photo calendar, free mug, free christmas cards, free postcards, free busines cards, and more!! Just for the cost of shipping and handling!! Be sure to go here to check it out!!! These make awesome gifts for grandparents espcially!!!!! They never get enough of their grand kids!!!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

RA 12/2

Boy did moving take a toll on couponing!!! I did get out on black friday so i started today with $5 in UPs.  

Trans one
1 Organix Cough drops $0 (raincheck love those things!!!)
1 Arrowhead waterbottle $.95 (20% off gold of $1.19 shelf) *not pictured was inhaled as my trainer tried to kill me today
1 St Joes Asprin $4.99 (UGH coupon at home but$.99 worth it for gramps!)
Total $5.94
-$5 in ups
Tax $.46
Total $1.40
Got back $4 UP+ for asprin

Trans 2
2 Pantene $7
1 Oral b Toothbrush $5.99
Total $12.99
-$3//2 Pantene coupon from P&G 11/27
-$3/1 Oral B battery Toothbrush P&G 11/27
-$4 in ups Trans one
Tax $1.21
Total $4.20
Got back $2 UP+ for Pantene and will submit for $2 Single Check Rebate for toothbrush

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Zaycon beef and more event!!!!

If you have not checked out Zaycon you need to!!!! I love getting my fresh meat from there to prepackage and freeze in packag sizes suited for my family!! Currently in WA they are doing Hickory Smoked Bacon, Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets*frozen*, and Alaskan True Cod Fillets*frozen*, and fresh ground beef that is 93%/7%. Be Sure to order soon as these events sell out fast!! And if you aren't in Washington you still should check out for your area as Zaycon has now gone national!! I can't say enough about how wonderful this meat is!! (I have their chicken breast in the Crockpot right now!!!)

To sign up go here, set up your account and look around your region!!!

To sign up go https://www.zayconfoods.com/refer/zf14079, set up your account and look around your region!!!